Uniting for Uganda

What’s Next For Weisser And Tendo?

Weisser’s relationship with Ngolobe and Tendo Ministries will continue to grow. Our hope is that our team will be able to reschedule our trip to Uganda so even more employees can witness the impact the Lucia school is making on its community.

In addition to the work with Uganda, our team has expressed interest in finding more opportunities to serve within our local communities. We recently launched a project with Habitat for Humanity (stay tuned for more details!), building houses for people right here in our local South Dakota communities.

“From my perspective, the work in Uganda or with Habitat just reinforces the values that they have,” said Swanson. “Employees that show interest, they get joy and they look outside themselves. You can’t change someone’s heart if they’re selfish, but if you find opportunities for them to step outside themselves, they’ll be way more motivated. They tackle problems differently.”

We’re grateful to Swanson and Corporate Care for bringing Ngolobe, Tendo Ministries, the Lucia school, and the people of Uganda into our lives. The opportunity to pour into their community and actually meet the people we’re helping has been incredibly enriching for our team.

“That’s the beauty of life really, is that the opportunities are in front of us, if we’re willing to step into it,” said Swanson.

“I couldn’t have dreamed this up—to be a part of this with Weisser Distributing is, for me, evidence of a God at the end of the day. That’s what He’s done with my life. Anything good that’s come out of it is because He's fixed my mess or used the steps that we take for His purpose.”

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