Why Weisser

Partnering with Weisser Distributing

We're a team of ecommerce experts. We know the obstacles that come with growing your business on Amazon and other marketplaces. But more importantly, we know how to overcome them and help you excel online.

At heart, we're a family company with a Midwestern work ethic. From automotive parts and building supplies to hand and power tools, we partner with some of the best brands in the business.

Reasons to select us as your marketplace partner:

  1. Your brand receives the care it needs. Routine in-person meetings are held with Amazon Marketplace leadership, and we have a dedicated Amazon account representative to solve the complicated issues so you aren’t left with headaches.
  2. Access to limited, innovative programs. As a top 50 3p seller on Amazon we have access to various tools which will help grow your business. We are also a Walmart partner with access to beta programs such as Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) launched in January of 2020
  3. Relationship-based approach while offering the industry’s leading tools for growth. In other words, we make ourselves fully available to you and work hard to expand your product catalog’s life cycle.
  4. We are marketplace experts. We employ top competitive industry minds and executing teams. From Amazon to Walmart and everywhere in between, we are dedicated professionals who know what to do to grow your brand profitably.
  5. Preserve your brand’s image and value. We have consistent product pricing by enforcing Minimum/Manufacturer Approved Pricing (MAP) policies and empower our partners to implement and enforce it.
  6. One-stop service. Whether you need warehousing, product/brand discoverability and SEO, or customer experience satisfaction, we cover every step.
  7. Full product catalog coverage. We don't cherry pick but instead buy deep and wide to get all of your product line(s) not only in front of customers but selling at exceptional rates.
  8. We are a Top 50 Trusted Amazon Marketplace Seller (sellerratings.com), which means we receive an outstanding number of positive reviews. Our customers are happy, and you will be, too.

But most of all, businesses choose Weisser because we work tirelessly for their success. And we'll work for yours as well.

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If you’re tired of selling to Amazon retail, tired of doing everything yourself, or you just need help getting sellers under control without sacrificing growth, Weisser is here for you.

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